Me – Female, mid twenty’s originally from the North West now living in ‘Wimbledon’ (I like to say Wimbledon coz it sounds posher but really its 5 mins from Morden tube station!). I live with my boyfriend and our 4 housemates. I currently work in a marketing department for a well known insurance company (Yes I know insurance, but I had to get A job). I am currently half way through the CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing, having just passed (hurray!) my ‘Delivering Customer value through Marketing’ exam. I am sure there is more but I will come to that eventually.

This Blog – Everyone knows that fun Friday feeling and that is what I want to bring to this blog. Marketing is fun and as much as many people think its boringI hope that my posts can show that as well as demonstrate where marketing plays a part in everyones lives even if you dont realise it.

My intention is to add a new post every Friday (inkeeping with the name) so remember to take a look next Friday eh!


I would love to hear from you so please leave a comment or email me - marketingonafriday@hotmail.com

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