Holidays are comin’, holidays are comin’ (well at least on your TV anyway)

Well the festive season is very much on its way! Now Halloween and Bonfire night are over it seems that everywhere you look now there is Christmas being advertised and non more than on telly!

Every year many of the world’s top brands roll out their festive-themed marketing campaigns in the hope of convincing shoppers to choose them over rivals and this year (of course) is no exception.

Here are a few of the more successful ones that have caught my attention:

Toys R Us (old school)

‘There’s a magical place we’re on our way there. Toys in their millions all under one roof, it’s called…..’

This 90s advert (and then revived again in 2007) is one of my all time favorite’s and brings the child like excitement of Christmas out of me. Such a good tune too although I do remember at school, a friend of mine singing ‘there’s millions of debris all under one roof’ not ‘there’s millions says Jeffrey all under one rough’! I am sure Toys R us would love that!

However this year sees a new ad for TRU. Not as good in my opinion but I appreciate they need to update. It is catchy too!

Toys R Us (Modern Day)

John Lewis

Of course, this year as always, John Lewis steps up with an emotional tear jerker of an ad. I am sure you will remember last year’s little impatient boy wanting to give a gift to his parents. Well this year sees a snowman’s journey, another emotional ad but is it just me or is it bloody scary??!!!

Coca Cola

Holidays are comin’, holidays are comin’ 

BY FAR THE BEST CHRISTMAS ADVERT EVERRRRRRRRRR. This ad was made back in the 90s and still symbolises the beginning of Christmas for many around the world. I haven’t seen it yet but hear it is starting to appear! Excited!

What’s your favourite Christmas ad this year?

Happy Friday Everyone!

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