To Ugg or not to Ugg? – That is the question

As the cold weather is drawing ever closer I think nothing more of… my feet. Normally I wander around in ballet pumps from April to September so when it starts to annoy me that my feet are cold it is time to get my woolly boots on, and as last year saw the death of my UGGs through overuse I was in need of a little retail therapy!

But as it turns out this isn’t as simple as it sounds! In the search for a bargain of these well over £100 shoes I came across a wave upon wave of copy cat companies and product lines that have taken the original UGG and copied them to within an inch of their life!

Copy cat or ‘me-too’ companies are companies that see the popularity of a product on the market and instead of taking the risk and bringing a different product out or innovating which could fail they highjack on the back of another companies success and introduce their own version of the product, which is normally lesser quality and cheaper. And poor UGG has a hell of a lot of copy cat competition out there from what I found:

The original UGG Australia – Around £150

Billabong – Around £80

Barratts Just Sheepskin – Around £100

New Look – Around £20

Koolaburra at – Around £80

Primark (always one for a good copy cat strategy) – Around £15

Have you found any other’s copy cat UGGs or other me too companies? Comment below if so as I would love to hear from you!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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