The product lifecycle begins again this Christmas – Furbys!

So walking through a department store the other day something caught my eye which took me back to 10 years old. Displayed under a sign saying ‘NEW’ (which made me laugh) was no other than a very colourful display of Furbys!! So I of course proceeded to pat its belly and head to make it talk its furbish language and it got me thinking about the marketing behind this ‘new’ toy.

The relaunch of Furbys by Hasbro starts off a new product lifecycle to a new generation. 14 years since these furry creatures first appeared on the shelves has now passed (yeah that went far too fast) and now a new load of 10 years olds to market to are now willing to get their parents to part with…. wait for it……£60!! Of course the parents remember fondly their own past love for Furbys so have the emotional connection with the product that will mean they do part with the money. Clever Hasbro!

Of course this new version is a bit more supped up and appropriate for the generation that has grown up with IPods – the new Furby can interact with app’s and smart phones and has LED eyes rather than the old plastic ones so the characteristics are more diverse.

Here is a little demo:

But it appears that it is not just Hasbro who are pushing a relaunch strategy this Christmas; here are some other toys you may recognise (and adapted to fit the new market) that appear on the top toys for Christmas 2012.

Cabbage Patch Kids

Cabbage Patch Kids are back and now wearing modern clothes! Available in 12 different fashions and each with its own aspirational twist, like ‘Rock star’, ’Ballerina and ermmm ‘Preppy boy’. Suitable for ages 3+ years and costs £39.00.


Not one of my personally choices as a kid but my lil bro had it and it has been relaunched a few times. This new version now has ‘improved detail on swerve, slide and balance.’ Suitable for ages 8+ years and costs £40.00

Twister Dance

This is more an alteration of an old product than a relaunch but, again by clever Hasbro (who know the value in the brand), comes ‘Twister Dance’. It uses the old spots mat and a console that plays current pop music like Britney and you learn a dance through lights on the console telling you what spots to go on. Sounds difficult if you ask me but its age 8 up and costs £27.

What old toy would like to see again?

Happy Friday Everyone!

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One Response to The product lifecycle begins again this Christmas – Furbys!

  1. Andrea says:

    I remember the Cabbage Patch mania. My poor mom had to wait for hours in a line that wrapped around the toy store in order to get me one for Christmas. It was 1982 and they cost $30! A lot of money to pay for a doll.

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