Backstage? Ok then! (and some marketing talk about Jesus Christ Superstar) : D

Last Friday saw the opening of Jesus Christ Superstar at the O2 arena and I had the good fortune of seeing the show on the Saturday! ANDDDD amazingly got to go backstage!

JCS was written by Andrew Lloyd Webber back in the 70’s and was originally set in the olden times but this arena tour had a little bit of twist as it has been dragged to the present day and uses the London Riots and Occupancy movement (you know the people who camped outside St Paul’s) as the scene of the story. Surprisingly this actually works with Twitter, nightclub scenes and X factor style phone ins amongst the songs!

The selling of the seats however was not from the modern day twist but the who is actually in it, which is why this post is marketing… honest!

The use of celebrities for product advertising or sponsorship is no new concept in marketing. A celebrity endorsement allows potential customers to understand what that brand is about and the star effect reduces the risk of purchase. ‘If that celeb is endorsing it, it must be good right?’. So step up ALW who has very cleverly got on board one of the most intelligent and musical world admired comedian’s to head up the lead role, which for those of you who don’t know is actually Judas. The whole show all I was waiting for was Tim Minchin to be on stage, sod the rest, he’s the real talent. And he didn’t disappoint.

But the rest…. Well they are obviously chosen for bringing in the crowds. Mel C (sporty spice) is loud (sometimes missing notes I am afraid) but rather relaxed for the part of Mary Magdalene and Chris Moyles is only on for one song which after all the hype he gave about it on his morning show is a bit disappointing. He was a good pick though for the X factor style presenter role he was put in I will give him that!

Finally, Jesus played by Ben Forster is where the real crowd gathering comes from. Ben was a reality TV contest winner which I have read on some reviews ‘that process in itself reflects the showbiz fickle character of the show’. So I am sure they were guaranteed a few 10s of thousands from the ITV ‘Superstar’ voters alone. However he was really good, so the voters did good there, albeit failing for the marketing scheme!

On a side note, and because I want to add a picture to this post, I was veryyy lucky to go back stage after the show, which was VERY cool! I’m not going to give any secrets away as to how this happened and no I didn’t actually get to meet any of the stars, just Andrew Lloyd Webber, you know, as you do! : D

Happy Friday Everyone!

Yes i did tweet this pic to Tim Minchin – not creepy right? : S


Speaking of Tim, my all time favorite musical is by far Matilda! What is yours?

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One Response to Backstage? Ok then! (and some marketing talk about Jesus Christ Superstar) : D

  1. Love this, I’m sorry it’s taken me a while to follow, but i feel you are keeping me well up to date with the world!!xx

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