The new and (possibly) improved blog!

So for some of you repeat readers you may have realised a few changes going on. For first time readers, my blog started off being called ‘all about marketing and me’ but I decided to have a bit of a rebrand and turn it into ‘Marketing on a Friday’.

Couple of reasons for this; I couldnt get a twitter name that resembled anything like the my old blog name (or it had to have number in which reallyyyy annoyed me), I thought having a day in the week as a ‘post’ day would give me more push to get these posts up on set deadlines (we will see how long I keep the Friday posts up eh!) and also because I do truely believe that marketing can be fun and Friday is a fun day so Marketing and Friday = Marketing on a Friday! Genius I know! : )

Anyway this Friday will kick off the first ‘Friday post’ and will contain a lovely Video Blog (or vlog I have recently learnt to call it – lol!) of my September Glossy Box opening. It is currently sat on my desk fresh from the post man and I really want to open it but I am restraining for the sake of me having no other ideas for a vlog this week! : D

As part of the brand I as mentioned now have a twitter account for it so follow me, or not, whatever (but please do!)

Twitter: @marketingfriday
Pinterest: Marketing on a Friday

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