Barry ‘NPD’ M

Barry M Nail varnish is my all time favourite range. I was out shopping the other day in Superdrug and I didn’t even want nail varnish but ended up buying some from them! So this got me thinking…. Although celebrating their 30 year anniversary this year, it was only last year when my friend Dr G gave me a nail varnish for xmas, that Barry M (for me anyway) took off, and in my opinion it is purely down to their innovative approach to new product development in their nail varnish range.

Their NPD team should be applauded for increasing brand awareness and I am guessing more sales of Barry M nail varnish and the other products I am sure that are bought alongside them.

They began their innovative NPD with the crackle look which is the one I got for xmas off Dr G:

This nail varnish when applied over another normal nail varnish splits when it dries given the effect of cracks. And if applied over a bright colour like the Leighton Denny one I have in this pic (which incidentally I got in a Glossybox!) that nail varnish shows up between the cracks.  

They then went on to metallic colours, which isn’t as innovative but it still is the best metallic nail varnish on offer:


Later they went on to some really cool innovations; Magnetic and Chameleon.

Magnetic is so different to what anyone else is doing. Basically you put the nail varnish on and then hover the magnetic strip that is on the cap over the drying nails and the pattern of the magnet moves the nail varnish (with magnetic particles in it) into that pattern. Here is my go which doesn’t picture very well but you get the point or you can see a demo of some girl on YouTube doing it here:

Chameleon is again a different approach to nails and the concept is in the name – it changes colour. You apply the nail varnish and let it dry and then with clear nail varnish you can draw into the chameleon varnish and it will change colour wherever the clear nail varnish is. It allows for some very creative nail art, and is easier (and cheaper) than getting different colours and doing it:

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