Glossybox is my all time favourite beauty company around at the moment. In fact I have become mildly obsessed given that I wrote a whole marketing plan on them as part of my CIM!

Glossy box UK ( is a subscriber based mail order type service which dispatches a monthly cosmetic box containing five luxury beauty samples. It is owned by Rocket Internet GmbH, a German online start-up company founded by the Samwer Brothers in Berlin in 2007.

In 2011, Kate Cornell, CEO of Glossy Box UK, was appointed by Rocket to start up a UK version of the box following on from its huge success in Germany and other European countries. This UK version is now just over a year old and already has over 25,000 customers whom all renew (and pay £10 plus £2.95p+p) each month.

From a marketers perspective the concept is  pretty cool which really keeps me interested in them.

To quote from my assignment and to give a bit more background:

Glossybox UK ( is a subscriber based mail order type service which dispatches a monthly cosmetic box containing five luxury beauty samples. Accompanied by an online magazine and beauty profile, it represents an attractive service for women who are interested in high-quality beauty products. The 5 beauty samples that are in the boxes each month normally fall under the following categories: 
Nail Varnish; Cosmetics Creams; Makeup; Makeup Utensils; Perfume
The suppliers of the samples (i.e. luxury cosmetics companies such as Jelly Pong Pong and Burberry) give their products to the box to gain valuable market research.  Customers of Glossybox review their products through their Glossybox online portal to obtain ‘Glossy Dots’, with 1000 Glossy Dots redeemable for a free month. These reviews can be accessed by the brands that provided the samples giving them insight into their new products before they reach stores.   Therefore a virtuous circle is created in which the cosmetics companies gain valuable research and create new products, pass them to Glossybox whom gain revenue from selling the samples they obtain to customers who gain luxury products at affordable prices and give feedback to the cosmetics companies who take the research and improve on their products. 

It is a wonderfully clever and simple concept and one that is new to the beauty industry (some people may be aware that this has occurred for years in the likes of confectionary testing) and I am truely an advocate of theirs for the products and the concept.

Looking over their marketing strategy as part of my assignment I think that alot of thier success comes down to their excellent customer engagement. Their social media presence is spot on, a daily blog, Facebook, twitter (although their twitter feed could be more brand focussed, less customer relations) and pinterest are all relevant to their target market (young professional females) and in keeping with the brand and beauty industry without being too self promotiony (I know that’s not a real word but I think it fits) : D And being an online company this is all hugely important.

More recently they offer subscriptions for 1 month, 3 months and 12 months intended to give as gifts rather than a rolling monthly contract so if you want to try it out I would def recommend even just signing up for the 1 month one.

The next box I get should be mid Sept so I will do a little video review on the box to elaborate on this blog! (In the mean time if you go on YouTube there are loadsss of video bloggers (vlogs) reviewing the boxes. My favourite is a girl called sprinkleofglitter so check her out)

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