Well after many (many!) conversations with my fellow marketers I have felt it is about time to get onto this blogging thing.

Given that this blog will inevitably be just for my friends you will probably know this but if anyone else reads this here it is:

Me – Female, mid twenty’s originally from the North West now living in ‘Wimbledon’ (I like to say Wimbledon coz it sounds posher but really its 5 mins from Morden tube station!). I live with my boyfriend and our 4 housemates. I currently work in a marketing department for a well known insurance company (Yes I know insurance, but I had to get A job). I am currently half way through the CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing, having just passed (hurray!) my ‘Delivering Customer value through Marketing’ exam. I am sure there is more but I will come to that eventually.

My Family – Mum and Dad still live ‘up north’ with my Sister and Bro. Mums a special needs classroom assistant and the person I am turning into! Dads a project manager doing something to do with IT : ) Sister is currently trying her dammed hardest to get on a training contract in law and the Bro is the celeb of the household and is currently on a ‘well known’ TV show.

My friends – Having gone to an all girl school it is inevitable I have mainly girl friends. Most of them are now living in London after going to uni so I see them 3-4 times a month. It seems London living is agreeing with us all but the hectic scheduling means we don’t see each other as much as we would like. Of course not forgetting my very oldest friend Dr G, she decided she wanted to save the world one person at a time and became a Doctor! My friend of 20 years is now a Doctor (currently an F2)….. crazy! But very proud of course!

Marketing – Basically I love it. In the interest section of job applications I put Marketing. Enough said on that for now.

PS – I know my spelling and grammar is bad but I will try my best (ie spell check)

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