Free drinks? All right then!

Last Tuesday, my boyfriend and I and 2 friends went for a lovely meal at the best tapas place in London, Barrafina. Afterward we decided to go for a drink and as Jack had been for late night drinks at this place around the corner we decided to go there and boy were we right to go there!

So unbeknown to us we walked in to the restaurant and led downstairs to the bar, we order the drinks and the bar man informed us they were free! Weird eh…What we hadn’t realised is the sign on the door when we walked in informing us that the cocktails were being sponsored by a new tequila drink – and after looking around it did seem rather busy for a Tuesday night! So needless to say our 1 drink turned into a few!

During the night we got talking to this (rather drunk) guy who informed us he had just come from a vodka tasting evening down the road. Living in South London and not normally a central London wanderer I didn’t know that this type of thing does happen often – but of course it’s Sponsorship.

Looking into the marketing of this of course it makes sense! Sponsorship is a form of marketing that is a cost effective way of achieving loads of objectives but mainly links a brand with the event. So a cool London downstairs, Mexican bar is now forever linked in my mind with this Tequila. Brand awareness is gained (particularly good for new products) and the brand can view how the product is used in real life. Also to add to this I am sure they want people to blog about this event (damn I fell for it) to create natural word of mouth advertising – the most credible form of advertising (plus its free).

For the details of the drink-

Name: Ilegal Mezcal

Price: Joven 750ml (as pictured) is around $60

From: Oaxaca, Mexico

Taste: Very Smokey, nice in a sour cocktail and tequila slammer

Twitter: @IlegalMezcal

Next week, Jack and I are moving to Central London AND I change jobs to also be in central London so we are definitely going to be keeping our eyes open for any other events like this! If you know any going on we would love to know – I may even blog about it! : )

Happy Friday Everyone!

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